Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I was so excited when Amy, Ashley, and I set a date to take pictures of their little ones. Autumn, Carter, and Tylee were too cute in their matching blue and yellow outfits. I had a blast taking pictures of these three. They were my first "official" photo session. (Macy doesn't count- she's family!) Needless to say, I was nervous, excited, and had been anticipating the session since I booked it! Thank you Amy & Bryan and Ashley & Cale for allowing me to capture some sweet moments of your precious little blessings. :)

Are you ready to see some extreme cuteness?! 

Honestly, these Black & White photos are my favorite.

Precious Tylee...

Beautiful Autumn...

Sweet Carter...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Macy: Senior Take 2

So here we are again... more senior pictures of Macy. We literally spent THE whole day walking around the big city of Hillsboro (haha) looking for cool places to shoot. I told her to bring 2 or 3 outfits we could play around with. (Which seemed like an easy task...) When she and my mom knocked on my door, I found them standing there with what appeared to be her entire closet! I kid you not, she had an assortment of dresses and a HUGE bag of shirts, jewelry, shoes, etc. It was such a "Macy" thing of her to do. Needless to say, we had plenty to choose from. :)

I enjoyed spending the day with two of my favorite people. To top it all off, we ended the shoot/day with ice cream - mmmm.

Mom and Macy: I love you both!

I think half of the shoot includes this hat...MY hat, that definitely looks better on her.
My favorite :)
Is it just me, or do these have an old western vibe... ?
These scream, S-E-N-I-O-R

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amanda & Eric: Santo Wedding

Amanda and Eric were blessed with beautiful weather for their special day. After days of rain, the sunshine was greatly appreciated. :)

Now for Amanda and Eric... Amanda made ALL of the food served at the wedding (the reception dinner, the cakes, all of it)! She is in Culinary School (yep) and her food was delicious! Not only did Amanda make the food, she and Eric allowed their guests to eat BEFORE them. After eating the fantastic Italian dinner, Amanda served her guests either carrot cake or chocolate cake (YUM). It was amazing to see a bride so selfless on a day when it is all about her! I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet these two and I wish them the best!

This was my second time to shoot a wedding with Ashley and Micah (aka Double Knot Photography) and I had a blast. I’m so glad they invited me along and I can’t believe how much I have learned. Thanks you two!

Here are some of my favorites...

Just for fun... I LOVE these shoes!